We have traditionally held events for the local community; the regular types are mentioned below. Due to the current circumstances these events and meet-ups have been temporarily put on hold but please check back for more information on upcoming events at a later date.

  • On the last Friday in the month we host an Irish class from 11.00am until 12.30pm where locals come in and chat in Irish, is féidir leo cupán tae agus scóna a bheith acu!
  • Music at the weekends include a Trad session on Friday nights, a core group of musicians play and anyone can bring an instrument and join in or if you can sing you are welcome too!
  • Saturday nights there is live music by local musicians comprising of one or two people and they welcome singers too to give them a break from the mic! Click the play icon to check out one such sing song session!
  • Wednesday night is Texas Hold’em Poker, there can be three tables of games and there is usually good banter between the punters!
  • Quiz nights are also popular and are often organised as a fundraiser for a particular charity; the local geniuses are out in force to try to come first and win the prizes on offer!
  • We also cater for parties of all descriptions; please reach out if you would like to plan something with us.
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Irish Class
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